Our Donors

We are grateful for the generous support for the Arabic Music Retreat
and its Scholarship Fund

Major Donors and Benefactors

 The Jamal Daniel Levantine Music Scholarship,

Through a Gift of the Levant Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Basem and Muna Hishmeh

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company
Abul Huda and Samia Farouki
Dr. George Younan
Dr. Samir Sayegh
Anan and Muna Bishara
Dr. Jamal and Hanan Saadah
Dr. George and Jouzaphin Manja
Dr. Ghaleb Daouk
Onala Atala
Mai Kassim, in Memory of Dr. Nadim Kassem
Anne and Colin Phipps
Dr. Mohammad  Saab
Youssef Abdul Samad
Ameer Armaly

The Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company Scholarship Fund has made it possible for several talented music students to attend the Retreat from Palestine and Tunisia.

We also acknowledge the generosity of all those who have contributed to support the Arabic Music Retreat:

Aly Abaza, Morad and Mouchira Abou-Sabe, Jane Adas, Bassam Amin, Kate Anderson and Ken Nakayama,  Ziad and Naila Asali, Ray Budway,  Inea Bushnaq, Jamil El-Samna, Mohamed El-Deeb, Salah Fattah, Julian Gerstin, Suzanne Gregoire, Maissa Hamed, Nader Hebela, Joe Helms, Stacey Kelly, Saleh and Duha Khaddash, Melania Levitsky, Firas Madbak, George Manikas, Nancy Marzouk, Patrick and Jerilyn Montgomery, Theresa Muxie, Peter Nobile, Linda and Eric Ogden, April Pereyra, Joy Phelan Pinto, Ray Rashid, Stanley Rashid, Amer and Nell Saab, Issa Salloum, Fatima Shama, Mawiya Shocair, Clinora and Jeffrey Venho, Phillip Walker