2022 Arabic Music Retreat Program and Schedule

Arabic Music Retreat Program and Schedule – August 5-7, 2022 – 25th Anniversary Retreat – online via Zoom

To mark the Retreat’s 25th anniversary, Simon Shaheen will lead a special Master Class each afternoon, spotlighting solo performances by Retreaters.

The 2022 Retreat features our well-known master faculty including Simon Shaheen, Charbel Rouhana, Rima Khcheich, Najib Shaheen, Layth Sidiq, Firas Zreik, Michael Ibrahim, Dr Iman Roushdy-Hammady, Tareq Rantisi, and Karim Nagi. This faculty group is familiar with online and virtual teaching. You can learn more about our faculty here.

Private Lessons: Each participant will receive two private lessons – one will be scheduled during the Retreat, the other will take place within ten days after the Retreat.

Class Recordings: After the Retreat, participants will have access to recordings of their group classes. Participants are encouraged to record their private lessons on zoom.

2022 Arabic Music Retreat Program

All events are listed in Eastern Daylight (New York) time. The program is subject to change.

Optional Pre-Retreat Event – Thursday – August 4, 2021

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – Optional Retreat Orientation Meeting
Orientation for participants who are new to the Retreat or have questions about the program. Also useful to participants who are new to zoom and would like to get more familiar with it.

Retreat Daily Schedule – Friday – Sunday – August 5-7, 2022
All schedule times are listed in New York time, (Eastern Daylight Time) in the U.S.

10:30 am – Friday Only – Welcome Remarks and Faculty Introduction by Simon ShaheenAll Participants and Faculty

11:00 am – 12:00 pm noon – Ear Training with Simon Shaheen – All Participants – Each day, Simon introduces one maqam (musical mode or scale) by singing sequences set to traditional rhythms.

12:15 – 1:15 pm – Ensemble MeetingsAll Participants – Every participant will be assigned to an ensemble. Each ensemble will learn a piece together. The instructor will go over the selection, talk about the maqam and rhythm, arrangement, and technical aspects. The instructor will help everyone prepare to learn the piece. No recording will be made, so participants can focus on learning the music during the Retreat and by practicing on their own later.

1:15 – 2:00 pmOptional Lunch Zoom Room Sessions hosted by Ameer Armaly – Grab your lunch (or breakfast or dinner depending on your time zone) and join our Zoom Room to get to know your fellow Retreaters.

2:00 – 3:00 pm – Theory and ImprovisationAll Participants – Participants will be assigned to one of the following classes:

  • Theory with Laith Sidiq – Lecture with audio examples exploring topics of maqam, musical form, performance practice, and history.  Tailored to beginning and intermediate participants, as well as musicians who are new to Arabic music.
  • Maqam and Improvisation with Simon Shaheen – Workshop on advanced improvisation and maqam topics. Tailored to advanced musicians who are familiar with maqamaat.

3:15 – 4:15 pm – Master Class with Simon Shaheen All Participants – The class will cover style, intonation, ornamentation, tempo, right and left hand, and other technical points. Each day, four advanced participants will perform a prepared solo piece. Although only twelve participants will be invited to perform, observing the class will be a great learning experience for everyone. All participants are welcome and encouraged to observe. If you would like to perform as a soloist in the master class, you can sign up when you register for the Retreat.

4:30 – 5:15 pm – Arabic Diction Group Class led by Dr. Iman Roushdy-Hammady. This class is for all vocalists who are taking voice private lessons. Other participants interested in Arabic diction are also welcome to attend.

5:15 6:00 pm – Arabic Diction Office Hour led by Dr. Iman Roushdy-Hammady. Open time available to those with questions about Arabic Diction.

Private Lessons: Friday through Sunday All Participants – Individually scheduled in the morning and afternoon to take into account the time zone location of participants and instructors. Each participant will receive two private lessons as part of their Retreat fee. The first will be scheduled during the Retreat. The second will be scheduled by the instructor and participant at a mutually-agreeable time before August 17, 2022.

Note: each participant chooses one instrument to focus on during the Retreat for their private lessons and ensemble meetings.

  • `Ud
  • Bowed strings – violin, viola, cello, bass
  • Voice
  • Nay
  • Qanun
  • Percussion – riqq (Arabic tambourine), frame drum, darbukah
  • Other – if you wish to participate on another instrument, please indicate that in the registration form.

Evening and Other Activities:

Saturday Night, August 6th – 8:00 pmInformal Faculty Concert. Faculty members are invited to perform on zoom.

Sunday Night, August 7th – 8:00 pmOpen Mic This event is one of the most popular events at the Retreat. It’s a salon-style evening in which participants prepare a short performance for the group. This is your chance to share your talents – in music, poetry, dance, etc. The Open Mic host will invite performers to sign up for a 5-7 minute slot and will curate the evening’s performances.

Zoom Rooms will be set up for participants to meet outside the programmed schedule.

To register -fill out the registration form and pay the fee. Deadline for registration and payment: July 31, 2022. Note: New participants must also send an audition (see registration form for details).
Registration Form: https://arabicmusicretreat.org/register-for-the-2022-arabic-music-retreat/
Payment Link: https://arabicmusicretreat.org/2022-arabic-music-retreat-fee-payment-link/

The deadline for registration and fee payment is July 31, 2022.

If you have questions about the program please contact: arabicmusicretreat@gmail.com